NECA’s ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Action Figure Review by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. I’m Train and today I’m taking a look at the exciting new NECA Mr. Miyagi figure. I found this one at Target and there were other Karate Kid figures but this one looked spot on as Mr. Miyagi. The other ones were a little off. As you can see he comes with his banzai tree and chop sticks for catching flies.

He has his original uniform and the only complaint is the Velcro sticks out a bit, but with a little pulling it can be tightened up. I might put a snap hook just to get rid of what shows. The head sculpt is awesome. Sadly we lost this wonderful actor but I now will have him in my house for as long as I live. This is one awesome figure and I may set him up training Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow down the road. I think a young Snake or Stormy would make a really awesome figure, but that is a story for another day. Has anyone picked up any of these Karate Kid figures? Make sure to check back for my stories and reviews, and be sure and chime in and share your thoughts on these action figures with us!


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