Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

NECA’s TMNT Secret of The Ooze ‘Shredder’ Figure Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. I’m Train and today I’m going off the rails with Neca’s TMNT Shredder action figure. I grew up watching TMNT but I never had any figures as a kid. As a collector I have somehow stayed away from buying any. I saw this Shredder and picked him up because I thought he would make a great story. This figure looks great from head to toe. He has a ton of detail from the head sculpt, to his six pack abs, right down to the bottoms of his feet. He comes with 3 sets of interchangeable hands that are really tight .

I tried pulling them off to the point of where I was starting to break them. Maybe I’ll have to heat them up if I want to switch them out. Overall this is a real cool figure. I’m not sure if I’m going to try and track down the Turtles in this scale or of poor old Shredder may be a villain in a Lonely world. Growing up I always liked the good guys better but this was a really cool looking Shredder. Overall this is a really nice figure and if you are a big Ninja Turtles fan this is definitely worth picking up. Make sure to check back on my reviews and stories and stay on the rails right here with the crazy Train.


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