Netho Diaz Tapped as New Regular Artist on G.I.JOE!

Netho Diaz will be taking over pencils on the regular Larry Hama G.I. JOE ARAH title starting with issue 246!

Here is the cover to issue 247
“Dawn of the Arashikage”

For those who do not know, Dawn Moreno is a 16 year old Cobra Youth who was discovered by Cobra Commander after beating the entire Springfield High Lacrosse team. She soon wound up as Cobra Commander’s bodyguard and prevented Destro and the Baroness from killing him by stealing Zarana’s knife right off her hip.
However soon after, The Baroness and her nemesis Zarana realized her potential as well and began to train her together. Everything was going fine until Cobra Commander ordered her strapped into the Brainwave Scanner. The Baroness and Zarana attempted to stop the treatment but instead they uploaded the databanks of Snake Eyes memory into her head. Now Dawn suffers from blackouts where Snake Eyes takes over.  She was already skilled before, but now has all the memories of Snake Eyes as well as his skills. She went after both Arashikage swords, the Morning Light and Evening Shade. Currently she is with the Arashikage leader Demon Granny who is trying to teach her techniques to keep the conscience of Snake Eyes whose spirit now has no morality or control over his darkness, at bay.

To see more of Netho Diaz’s amazing art check out his Deviant art page.
Looking forward to seeing his work.
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