It seems that after 80 years of Captain America being a symbol of Justice and Equality for the young and old of our country, that he is somehow not ‘equal’ enough because he is not gay or transgender. The LBGT community has started an online petition in hopes of moving the opinions of Hollywood executives to make our beloved American Icon Gay. Because, changing his sexuality after 80 years somehow creates the perception of equality in their eyes. When in fact, it does just the opposite. If the LGBT community really wanted to create equality, they should get someone in Hollywood or the comic book industry to create a character that is gay from the start, insert him into the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and find out if he will stand alone as equally as popular as his straight counterparts.

The essence of the Captain America character revolves around his relationship with Peggy Carter. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up a chance at a relationship with Peggy, to save the world. Seeing as how Captain America has been clearly straight since 1941, wouldn’t it fly in the face of the LGBT communities believe that gay people are born gay if his sexuality was changed now?

The bottom line is, changing a well established characters gender, Race, or sexuality does not somehow create a beacon of equality for the particular group that feels they are being discriminated against. In the end what it really does is deepen the divide between those people and the people who disagree with their social choices.

The real solution for the LGBT community and others, if they really want equality in this genre, is to create their own characters, and establish their own continuities within the existing Universes. It is not the right direction however, to hijack existing characters and use that hijacking to promote a particular social agenda. That creates the very thing they are looking to to stop, And that is Bigotry!


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