New 2021 interview with Darkreilia Cosplay

Interview with Cosplayer, Darkreilia.

Happy New Year everyone. It’s 2021. The moment we all have the opportunity to start something new and interesting. A moment we can look forward to exploring the world around and take that leap of faith into the unknown. This is also the time for cosplayers to forge and promote their new line of sexy cosplay wear for all of us to enjoy and worship. My first guest of the year has simply exploded the month of January with her cosplay looks you don’t want to miss.

A Taste of Fun

I must say, she’s quite delicious and very attractive. After you read this interview, you might find yourself subscribing to her many social sites as this woman will make all your fantasy girl dreams come true. She’ s beautiful, she’s smart and just the right fun-size girl. So without any further words to distract you, please show your love and bring some sugar, she is your neighbor as I welcome my guest. The provocative, lovely Ms. Darkreilia Cosplay. 

Raven: Welcome Darkreilia Cosplay to my realm of enchantment and mystery. No, wait a minute, I’m still in the closet. Here we are. Thank you so much, Darkreilia for doing this interview. I really appreciate it. 

DarkRei: Hello everyone out there. Thank you, Raven Steel, for doing this interview with me. I feel so special!

Raven: Believe me, you’re my first cosplayer for the 2021 New Year and I can’t think of a better way to start the year right! 

Raven:  As you may not know, I start all of my interviews with some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “Never consider your room as a messy room. It is an obstacle course to keep yourself fit.”   

Raven: Now that I’ve managed to storm the Capitol and live to tell about it, would you share yourself with our readers and tell us all about you!.

DarkRei: Hello! My name is Rei (Darkreilia Cosplay). I started my cosplay journey back in 2010 by attending Anime Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve always been a huge fan of anime (before I even knew what it really was), comics, and video games. Upon entering High School, I found out there were conventions held all over the world and had to try attending some. That’s where my real cosplay journey began.

Raven: What’s your nationality so that we can thank that country?
DarkRei: I am an American citizen and am currently living in the Midwest (USA).

Raven: Your color eyes and hair?
DarkRel: Trick question. What color aren’t my eyes and hair? Lol, currently my hair is brown. I’m looking at going back to blue once it is safe to go back into public again (COVID).

Raven: I can always start a pool to see if anyone can successfully pick your next hair color. We can split the profits.
Raven: How tall are you? 

DarkRei I’m a fun size! (5’3)

Raven: Sweet!

Raven: Is there a special talent that no one knows about? 
DarkRei: I am a crystal healer. I work with the natural energies from crystals to help clear chakra points in the body to help alleviate pain or other medical conditions. 

Raven I think I can speak for all the men, we all could use some chakra cleaning from you.

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages that you’re conscious of?
DarkRei: I speak mostly English. I took German in school for 4 years but I would definitely need a refresher course. 

Raven: Whenever you’re in Germany, use this phrase for attention. “Meine Katzen planen, mich heute Nacht zu töten”.

Raven: How many STARS would you give 2020?

DarkRei: For the world: 0…For me: 3

Raven: What would you like to accomplish in 2021?
DarkRei: 2020 really opened up my eyes. I started working on my cosplay life more and branched out into the world of OnlyFans and more. It has really helped me see that my dream job would be to cosplay full time. 

DarkRei: I love making the full costume look, makeup, getting the sets up, or even building them myself. I love all of it. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap job to keep going. But, I have been supported so much this year and I’m hoping in a year or two, I can make it my full-time job and do what makes me happy every day.

Raven: To cross over to the New Year, you need to burn a cosplay outfit. 

Raven: What’s it going to be?
DarkRei: Batgirl. That baby could burn for a few hours

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to?
DarkRei: I honestly love to listen to everything. I’ve been a Go-Go dancer for several years with my squad (The Waifu Squad) so I have to keep my game up when it comes to knowing different genres of music. Rap, Hip-hop, Country, K-pop, Opera, Lofi, everything!

Raven: If 2021 is going to be your year, what would be your theme song?
DarkRei: Season of the Witch.

Raven: What makes you the happiest?
DarkRei: During the pandemic, I’ve spent a LOT of time at home. I love my new routine so much. Get up early, go for a jog in the woods with my puppy, have time to make a nice big healthy breakfast, do my day job, pick up around the house during slow times, spend time with my rabbits, cook whenever I want. 

DarkRei: I honestly don’t want it all to end. I dont like to go out into society much (especially now) just because of all the hate and dumb things I see happening even in my own neighborhood. I’m good staying snuggled up with my puppy and watching Yashahime, lol. Don’t get me wrong, I want the COVID vaccine to come out so there are less deaths during this pandemic, but social distancing has become my new favorite thing, honestly.

Raven: What’s the one good thing that happens to you in 2020?
DarkRei: I started the first step in my cosplay career. I got a puppy 🙂

Raven: What makes you nerdy or geeky?
DarkRei: I was OBSESSED with Dragon Ball and Sailor moon when I was little. When Naruto came out, it was game over for me. I was and am still, a HUGE Narutard lol. I’m definitely more of an anime person than anything else, but I do love DC Comics. *cough* better than Marvel *cough*. I love to paint and create things all the time. I don’t think I could go a week without crafting something.

Raven: Out of all of the colors in the rainbow, what color are you?

DarkRei: I wasn’t sure how to answer this, so I took a quiz.
Crimson. Attributes: Adventurous, Bold, Direct. Friendliness and love of excitement characterize people, like you, whose personality color is Crimson. 

DarkRei: Bold, assertive, domineering, craving excitement– it’s how you live your life. You aren’t afraid to tell people exactly what you think, and you certainly don’t hold back in any aspect of your life. 

Raven: Would you consider yourself to be a social media babe?
DarkRei: Not exactly sure what a Social Media Babe is…but sure? I tend to post more promiscuous costumes I suppose. It was a big leap for me to do that this year. I always wanted to but was afraid of what friends and family would think. I think it helps keep me in shape and forces me to live a healthier lifestyle overall though.

Raven: Do you have a professional side when you’re Darkreila online? Or a free-spirited kind?
DarkRei: Oh absolutely, I’m all business. I see Darkreilia Cosplay as a business through and through. I went to school for Business Management so I love creating small business adventures and challenges for myself. A free spirit is what I get to be when I’m shooting or creating on set.

Raven: What got you into Cosplaying/Cam-girl/Model?
DarkRei: I got into cosplaying so I could meet like minded people like me who love anime. Conventions did not disappoint. I’ve met so many new friends and I can’t wait to go back to the con scene. Recently got into modeling/only fans this year (not cam girling), to help make some extra money due to the pandemic. I never thought I would enjoy it to the point that I wanted to make it a career.

Raven: Has your media exposure has provided new and interesting opportunities?
DarkRei: Absolutely! I can honestly say that being Darkreilia is a part time job for me (maybe even more). I’ve gotten to work with so many companies and conventions over the years and I love it so much.

Raven: Are all of your cosplay wear based on Anime, Manga, Fantasy characters?
DarkRei: I cosplay from all different things. Anime, Manga, Fantasy characters, OC’s, Books, Movies, you name it. I do tend to lean more towards the anime side though.

Raven: What do you prefer doing, Dark, Bloody, Gothic, or Cute and sexy wear?
DarkRei: Dark sexy wear. I think I’m fulfilling my vampire dream lol.

Raven: Just your typical blood-thirsty vampire vixen from the Midwest

Raven: What do Midwestern girls do better than anyone else?
DarkRei: Eat burgers xD.

Raven: Does Darkreila need to bring her cute and sexy cosplay out for all to enjoy?
DarkRei: In the con/day scene it’s definitely strong or cute cosplays. The night/go-go scene would be the sexy cosplays. Sexy cosplays definitely get a lot more attention online because I think people are too afraid to say things to these kinds of cosplayers in the day time or in person.

Raven: How do you prepare yourself to perform in front of a video camera?
DarkRei: I usually take 1-3 hours to get ready for cosplay. I like to do a small workout beforehand and then finish with a nice relaxing facial. Watching a movie or Youtube while getting ready is a must.

Raven: Do any of your fans request anything unusual?

Raven: If so what (I bet it was feet)?
DarkRei: I’m 100% fetish friendly. However…I did keep getting weird messages from someone recently about, “I would cut my own hand off for you. Do you want me to do that?” That was more on the creepy/do you need help side… Most people in the fetish community are usually pretty kind and understanding when they request something fetish friendly.

Raven: We can named that guy, Lefty!

Raven: What sort of photo shoots you that brings the best out of you? Indoors/Locations?
DarkRei: I LOVE to shoot outdoors. Nothing beats natural lighting. But, when you shoot more, er, provocative things, it’s harder to shoot in public. I would LOVE to rent a cabin and do some fun outdoor shoots in the woods. I know, the horror movie scene right there, lol.

Raven: I can see the title now. Cabin in the Woods, part II!

Raven: Is doing a photoshoot in a haunted house makes good photography?
DarkRei: Eh, you’d need to define “Haunted”. Aesthetically, yes. 

DarkRei If you mean, active spiritual activity? 

DarkRei: No, lol. Demonic activity? You just have to assert your dominance. 

DarkRei: Or call upon Hecate for help.

Raven: Do you do your own video editing/photography edits?
DarkRei: I typically do my own shooting and editing. However, I do work with quite a few different photographers at conventions. To name a few of my favorites; Nude_Carbon_Studios, UMOPhoto, and Nempko.

Raven What scares Darkreila cosplay?
DarkRei: Being society’s standard for “Normal”. Where’s the fun in that?

Raven: Would you say your form of modeling/video clips is unique among others?
DarkRei: I try to make it unique. Though I do most of my own photography and editing, I can set things up more how I see it in my mind. I love working with lights in my photos and I feel like that’s not as popular.

Raven: What got you into Lewds/Spicy content? Is it artistry or profit?
DarkRei: Like I said above, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never thought I could because of what others would think. Now, I eat healthier, I exercise more, and I just feel more confident.

Raven: Not sounding condescending. That is so inspiring to hear that. 

Raven: Is there anything you want to do in 2021?
DarkRei: Make Onlyfans and Pornhub my full time job. And oh, get a 4 pack.

Raven: Was there ever a cosplay that your fans loved but you hated to wear?
DarkRei: The only one I could think of would be Bat-Girl. The costume had muscle padding in it and the cowl piece was insulated. I wore it for at least 2 hours? Between the costume being so hot and the headpiece keeping all the sound in, I had the worst heat migraine. I couldn’t rip the costume off soon enough.

Raven: I’ve noticed Pornhub is on your profile. Bold Move. Will there be more sessions in near future?
DarkRei I am trying to make this side of my life into a full time job, so why not go big? Porn has always interested me and I’ve thought about doing it for years. The worlds already ending, why not make my dreams a reality? 

Raven: Not until you make it big and accept an AVN award so that I can say, “Darkreilia did my interview!”

Raven: Tell me about your tattoos? Is there any meaning behind it?
DarkRei: Yes!!! My first tattoo was a little Totoro on my hip. Totoro was the first anime movie I ever saw so I thought it was fitting. From there, my all time favorite anime movie turned into Spirited Away. That turned into getting the soot sprites on my lower stomach as well as my Haku as my thigh piece. 

DarkRei: I would love to turn that into a Ghibli leg sleeve at some point. I also have my flash symbol on my ankle for my favorite hero, Wally West. There is a Holland Lop bunny on my wrist with a Chopper (One Piece) hat on in loving memory of my first baby boy, Chopper. Then, I have my cross with the original Latin script “sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio” which translates to “Saint Michael the Archangel, Defend us in Battle”. 

That’s a tattoo is a whole separate story. 

Raven: Does the personality of Darkreilla reflect the character? 

Raven: Or, does she portray or is it the personality of the character she wants to come?
DarkRei: I feel that Darkreilia has a LOT more confidence that I do on a normal day to day basis. She’s a tough bitch who doesn’t put up with shit. I wish I could say that was me every day, Lol.

Raven: If possible to give back all the appreciation from your fans, what would you give?
DarkRei: I would love to bake a Pumpkin Banana Bread for all of them! It’s my specialty!

Raven How supportive has your friends, family, and/or loved one has been to you?
DarkRei: My friends are my family. They have shown me an immense amount of support over the last year for my OnlyFans and Pornhub. They keep me going strong and always help when I need it.

Raven: Any sort of advice for aspiring models/cosplayers out there?
DarkRei: Don’t keep putting it off. Find yourself in a comfortable spot in life and go for it. I feel like I waited too long and I missed my big time to shine on these platforms. Even in regards to cosplaying! Just do it! It’s so much fun and you meet so many people with the same interests and hobbies! 

DarkRei: The cosplay community is so supportive and I love that about them so much! 

Raven: That’s a wrap people. Thank you Darkreilia for being a wonderful interviewer and a beautiful person both inside and out! 

DarkRei: Thank you so much for having me here. I had a lot of fun answering your questions and I hope I get that AVN award for best adult actress in a drama series! 

Raven: Just one more question. Where can readers find more stuff of Darkreilia Cosplay?

DarkRei: Not a problem. Here is a list of all of my social media sites.


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