New ‘Constantine’ Trailer is up straight from SDCC!


Arrow and The Flash may be getting all the pub, but don’t sleep on NBC’s new ‘Constantine‘ series. Today we have a great new preview for the show straight from SDCC. Check it out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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NBC’s take on the DC Comics line ‘Hellblazer’ isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to the creepy stuff — this is a television series about demons, after all — and they’re out in force in this new trailer for ‘Constantine,’ straight out of this week’s steadily winding down Comic-Con. The new series follows demon hunter/con guy (totally normal vocation) John Constantine (Matt Ryan) as he, well, cons people and fights demons. It’s not very lucrative, but it’s definitely busy.
The ‘Hellblazer’ comics have a long and rich tradition of tackling super-creepy bad guys, and this latest trailer plays them up — there are floaty souls and eerie-eyed demons and, yes, that’s definitely a tween boy with a knife. It’s also got some surprisingly standard horror elements to round it all out, from queasy Dutch angles to the ol’ “oops, don’t look under there” trope. It certainly looks like a horror series, but there’s also an undercurrent of emotion that hints at some compelling backstory.
Most compelling, though? It doesn’t look like ‘Constantine’ is relying too heavily on their viewers knowing about the source material — a solid way to bring in new fans while still sticking to the stuff old aficionados will eat up. Let’s see if it works.
Need more ‘Constantine’? Check out our wrap-up of the new show’s very first Comic-Con panel.
‘Constantine’ debuts on NBC on Friday, October 24.


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