New Dr. Who Toys Unveiled at UK Toy Fair!


All of you Whovians out there are going to be stoked at the latest news coming out of this years UK Toy Fair. There are some fantastic new Dr. Who Toys coming with some really nice detail. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: Toyark)

Toyark forum member dsn1014 has pointed us to word of some new Doctor Who toys. DoctorWho.TV has descriptions of some upcoming figures from Character Options and Titan Merchandise. The 3.75″ figures are based on the latest Christmas Special and 50th Anniversary episode. Also shown were new vinyl figures and 6.5″ figures. Unfortunately, no photos have been made available. But, here’s what was shown:

Doctor Who 3.75″ Figures
• Zygon
• Clara Oswald (new sculpt)
• Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
• Screaming Weeping Angel
• Assault Dalek
• Imperial Guard Dalek
• Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)

Doctor Who The Geronimo! Collection Vinyl Figures
• Eleventh Doctor
• Monster Doctor
• The War Doctor
• Zygon
• Rory – the Last Centurion
• Amy Pond
• Oswin Oswald
• Cyberman
• Whisperman
• Ice Warrior
• Strax

Doctor Who The Geronimo! Collection Vinyl Figures
• Rose Tyler
• Bad Wolf TARDIS
• Other figures Not Named

Doctor Who 6.5″ Figures
• Tenth Doctor
• Eleventh Doctor
• Assorted Daleks



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