New Images Transformers Generations Wreckers Wave 4

New Images Transformers Generations Wreckers Wave 4 Images Show Runination Team Figures (12)__scaled_600

Here we are Transformers Generations fans, a chance to own another fantastic combiner set. This time it is Ruination! Check out the full skinny on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Thanks to Meteor Operation who have updated their page with lots of new out of package images of the Transformers Fall of Cybertron new Wreckers themed action figures. The repaints of the Bruticus combiner team are show in their final production colors in and out of the packaging. Get a look at Impactor, Roadbuster, Topspin, Twintwist, and Whirl that combine into Ruination in the gallery below to share your comments on these new repainted figures.


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