New KO G1 Scorponok images and Comparison with the Original!

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Today we have a look at a new KO G1 Scorponok figure and its comparisons with its G1 Counterpart. Check out the information and images on this figure below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!



Following our previous report of the Generation 1 Scorponok Knock Off (KO), we have some more details and images from Robotkingdom who have taken the time to compare and document the differences between the real G1 figure and KO. This should help those of you who want to avoid getting ripped off paying for a vintage one as well as those who are interested in getting the KO that is more afforable then the real thing.
Dear customers,

Here are some comparison Photos of the KO Scorpronok. Without checking the product in personal, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference between original G1 and KO.

Below listed some points that might help to recognize their difference.

1. KO Overall material is a little bit gross while original features plain plastic. KO version material is more like a normal plastic toy material…

2. KO features screw on both sides of the head while original feature pin.

3. KO have Scorpion legs use screws while the original one use pin.

4. Sculpture on Original item is clearer.

5. The eye sculpture of Headrobot is difference.

6. Sculpture on the cannon is different.

7. The sculpture on KO Chromed parts are damaged.

8. Visible bubble on the KO version chest and hip paint job.

Hope these informations are helpful and don’t mistakenly buy KO version as authentic one. Enjoy!

Please email to for further enquiry.


Robotkingdom Crew


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