New Leaked Photos from ‘THE FLASH’ Reveal a new Villain!


Today we have some newly leaked photos from the shooting of what will be either the 19th or 20th episode of ‘The Flash‘ for this season. In them we get a look at a new villain. Rumor has this new villain to be ‘Rupture‘, who may also be Cisco’s Brother ‘Armando Ramon‘. For more on this check out the rumors and photos below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

While many fans have struggled to identify this villain, reddit user BatManuel93 was about to – seemingly – successfully identity him as “Rupture“. Interestingly, in the comics, Rupture is actually Armando Ramon, older brother of Cisco Ramon, a character who not only used the name Reverb in PreNew 52 continuity, but also Rupture according to New 52 continuity:

Armando was thought to have died in the same event that gave Vibe his powers. He however survived as became Rupture working for . After witnessing Dante Ramone being shot, Vibe unintentionally weakened the walls of reality when he helped the prisoner in the circus escape. In doing so, Rupture was able to enter the universe and began searching for Gypsy, as Vibe went to help,Armando briefly recognized him, however before they could talk to each other, his mind control kicked in and he went back to hunting Gypsy. They briefly fight and their energies leads to a dragon from another universe entering theirs. He revealed that he’s been searching the cosmos for Gypsy and that the only reason he didn’t come to Earth was because of a dimensional block. He was attacked by Vibe while Gypsy distracted him, as he attacked them Gypsy revealed how he came to her planet. He also told her that he killed her father. before he stabbed Vibe with his Scythe and took them back to Gypsy’s universe.





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