New Star Trek Kirk and Picard figures from Diamond Select!


Beam me up Scotty! These new figure offerings of the iconic Captain Kirk and Captain Picard that are coming from Diamond Select Toys are out of this world. If you are looking to add some really detailed figures to your Star Trek Collection you will not want to miss these. Check out more on them below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Two of the most iconic characters from the Star Trek universe are the Captains from Star Trek: the Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Diamond Select Toys has released new Star Trek Select versions of Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard. These newer Star Trek Select’s are a bit of a hybrid between figures and statues, meant to depict specific scenes as opposed to being straight action figures.

Read on to check out my thoughts on the figures as well as 65 high resolution photos of both Picard and Kirk.

The Diamond Select Toys “Select” line of figures are known for having highly detailed sculpts and lots of articulation. They’ve encompassed lines like Marvel, Universal Monsters, The Munsters and others. With the Star Trek Select line, DST took a bit of a departure from the previous figure types. These figures feature a mix of static and articulated limbs with a few interchangeable parts. Across the line, all of the legs are static, featuring no real articulation at all. Though all of the legs can be separated at the waist and swapped between Star Trek Select figures.

Captain Kirk comes with two sets of dynamically posed legs. One for a standing position and one for a leaping position, the legs can attach to a translucent plastic mount that hangs the figure in mid-air. Kirk comes packaged with hands that are holding onto a weapon (the weapon is not removable) as well as a second pair of static hands. The arms on Kirk features full articulation. This includes ball joints at the shoulders, swivels at the biceps and elbow joints. Kirk comes with a display base featuring a piece of the computer from the Enterprise as well as a static “falling” Khan, who connects to the panel of the computer backdrop.

Captain Picard comes with a single pair of legs that stand straight. His right arm features only a ball joint in the shoulder. His left arm features a full range of articulation. The hands can be removed, but the figure does not come with an extra pair of hands. The connectors for the hands are a bit smaller than the ones for Kirk. However, a little extra force will allow you to place Kirk’s hands into the sockets. Also included is a Borg ship styled display base. A Borg torso and hand a featured as part of the base and both are removable.

The sculpting on both figures is actually very good. In person, the likenesses are much closer than I originally thought they would be. Though Kirk features a bit of a disturbing smile considering he’s swinging a pipe at Khan. Clothing is handled very well, featuring detailed folds as opposed to flat sculpting. The paint application is clean and brings out the sculpted detaisl very well. When looking at Picard’s hair up close, it can look a bit…Odd, but only when really looking at it. The articulation that is featured works perfectly. Joints are tight, but not difficult to position. The snap on/off pieces hold together well without being troublesome to remove or attach. The figures are also sturdy enough to support added weight, as seen in the images below of Kirk carrying the Khan and Picard holding onto the Borg torso.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want out of a Star Trek display piece. If you’re looking for true action figures, you may want to hold out for if/when DST goes full bore with fully articulated figures. If you’re looking for an inexpensive poseable statue, then these guys are great. They both depict a specific scene from Star Trek lore, with just enough articulation to make it your own.

See a few featured images below, and the full gallery after that.

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