New ‘The Flash’ Set Photos Reveal Additional SPOILERS!


What more can we possibly have happen in just the first season of ‘The Flash‘ on CW? Well ‘Spoiler Alert‘, new set photos we have for you today reveal some even more things that are in store before the season is over. I can pretty much guarantee you did not see this one coming. Check out the shots and share your thoughts after the JUMP!
(Source: screenrant / JustJared)

As The CW’s newest DC Comics series – The Flash – heads into the final episodes of its first season, fans should expect storylines to begin wrapping up as well as another crossover with Arrow. The season-long mystery of the Reverse-Flash’s identity and how it relates to Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) has begun to unravel.

Additionally, the show may be leading to the comic series Flashpoint, though that remains to be seen. All of these factors add up to a thrilling season finale of The Flash, but there are other story and character threads that will need to be tied up.

Previous photos from the set of The Flash revealed aspects of the crossover between the series and Arrow, depicting Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) alongside a fellow hero facing off against a major villain. Now, new photos don’t reveal any upcoming fight scenes, but rather a happier finale moment.

The set photos come courtesy of JustJared, showing the wedding of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell). The wedding is officiated by Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) and attended by Barry, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), Iris West (Candice Patton), Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). However, Wells is noticeably absent.

Earlier in season 1 it was established that Caitlin and Ronnie were engaged prior to the particle accelerator explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs, which granted Barry his powers and created Firestorm. More recently, Caitlin and Ronnie were reunited, but their relationship was put on hold as Ronnie and Dr. Stein left Central City to learn more about their powers.

While the previous set images revealed Ronnie would return to Central City before the end of season 1, they did not offer insight into what that would mean for his relationship with Caitlin. However, these new photos reveal that Caitlin and Ronnie would resume their plans to tie the knot (unless the wedding is negated by a time-travelling Flash, of course).

The wedding of Caitlin and Ronnie seems to be the culmination of both characters’ story arcs throughout season 1 of The Flash. While the characters’ wedding seems almost a predictable outcome for The Flash’s finale, it may explain the casting report for the Arrow/Flash spinoff series being developed at The CW.

The initial report of the spinoff listed Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein as a character set to appear, but not Amell’s Ronnie Raymond. With the series described as a “superhero team-up show” (and other curious additions in the form of Arrow’s Caity Lotz), it was unclear how Firestorm could appear with only one-half of the needed parts. At the time, we speculated Amell may join the spinoff series down the line in a later casting announcement.

Now, these new set photos hint that Ronnie will become more involved with The Flash rather than join the spinoff, leading to the question of whether Firestorm will appear in the spinoff as we’ve come to know him. It’s possible that Amell will still be a part of the series or, at the very least, guest star. There’s also the possibility that Stein and Ronnie have found a way to each harness the power of Firestorm individually (which is canon within DC’s New 52, albeit with Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch).

Of course, beyond Caitlin and Ronnie’s wedding, none of this is confirmed (and with the way time travel works on this show, that isn’t either), but the scene may have an impact on the future of The Flash as well as the spinoff. However, it may not be until after the season 1 finale of The Flash that we see that impact on the CW’s DC universe.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8PM on The CW. Arrow airs Wednesday @8PM on The CW. The untitled spinoff series is expected to air sometime in 2016.


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