New TMNT Ongoing Series Launching at IDW!


If you are looking to read a great new Ninja Turtles Comic Book series, IDW has you covered. They are launching a brand new ongoing title called, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe‘. IGN is reporting this new title will begin this August. The difference between this title and the regular series, is this title is going to focus on your favorite surrounding characters like Casey Jones, April O’Neil, Fugitoid, Old Hob, Nobody, Harold, and Baxter Stockman. Check out the details below, and let us know what you think AFTER THE JUMP!

Series editor Bobby Curnow

“Essentially, over the past four-plus years our TMNT world has grown too large to contain to one monthly title. There are dozens of fan-favorite characters. In short, we need a second title to do the ‘TMNT Universe’ justice,” Curnow said. “With two series we can flesh out these supporting characters more and devote greater time to the Turtles themselves and expanding their world. Our aim is to tell stories that are self-contained but complementary to the original ongoing TMNT title.”

Curnow’s vision is to simply let the creators do their thing and tell awesome TMNT stories.

“In addition to enabling us to tell stories that we might not get the time to otherwise, my aim for this series is encourage creators, both new and familiar to TMNT, to stretch their creative muscles and run. Often in the past we’ve been shackled a bit to the events of the ongoing title. Here, if a creator wants to tell a story that’s a bit farther away, in either tone or plot, than what is happening in the ongoing title, we can explore it. My hope is that we’ll be able to nurture and flourish the creativity that has always been a huge part of TMNT, and in doing so, bring new creators and readers to the title,” Curnow said.

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