New Trailer for Jennifer Garner’s ‘Peppermint’ Hits!

After several years of doing family movies, Jennifer Garner is back in the new action thriller titled, ‘Peppermint‘! If you loved Jennifer Garner as ‘Sydney Bristow’ in the TV series ‘Alias’ you are going to enjoy this film. Check out the new trailer and details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. ‘Peppermint‘ hits theaters September 7th.

Garner stars as Riley North, a mother who woke up from a coma and learns that her husband and daughter were killed in an attack. Frustrated with the justice system for protecting the killers, who are connected to a powerful cartel, Riley strikes out on her own to get the justice her family deserves: She spends years training to become a ruthless and efficient killer. And of course, she easily evades the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI as she goes on her one-woman crusade. Dealers, dirty cops, corrupt judges — she’s coming for all of them, just in time for the anniversary of her family’s murder.

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