New ‘Wolverine’ movie Poster’s Emerge Today!


Wolverine is back, and he seems to be quite angry. Check out two brand new posters to promote the new Wolverine Live action movie. And stay tuned later this week for the release of the first Trailer for the movie! Join in the Discussion after the JUMP!


The Wolverine will be directed by James Mangold (Knight and Day), from a script written by Christopher McQuarrie.. The cast includes: Hugh Jackamn (Logan/Wolverine), Svetlana Khodchenkova (Viper), Hiroyuki Sanada (Shingen), Hal Yamanouchi (Yashida), Tao Okamoto (Mariko), Rila [frick]ushima (Yukio), Brian Tee (Norubo Mori), and Will Yun Lee (Kenuichio Harada/Silver Samurai). The film will claw into theaters July 26, 2013.



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