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Interview with Belleawsum Cosplay

As we finally close this year and look forward to a new year, my next interview will bring 2021 some hope and excitement. Hello everyone, this is Raven Steel. Always, do I search for new and exciting female cosplayers who have that special gift, that jenesequa, who display their artistry for all to benefit and cherish. Her name is Belleawsum Cosplay and she is here to give her insight into being a beautiful-buxom black woman whose love of cosplay surpasses all racial obstacles. So before this year ends, so your love and appreciation for this talented and gracious woman, Ms. Belleasum cosplay. 

Raven: Welcome Belleawsuminq Cosplay. Wow. Now that is a mouthful of letters there. 

Raven: I am so excited you are doing this interview with me. You have the heart of a Loving Zulu warrior and the beauty of an Egyptian goddess. 

Belle: Thank you for having me do this interview with you, Raven. What a way to end the 2020 year!

Raven: As you may or may not know before I begin with any of my one on one interview questions, I offer words of advice, a ballad of encouragement whenever you find yourself at an impasse during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and need a push to get you back on track.So here goes, “Remember this, You are here on Earth to help others; What on Earth the others are here for, I do not know.” I think that sums up the entire year of 2020. 

Raven: Now, before this this year gives another reason to stay indoors, tell me about yourself.

Belle: My nationality is African-American a U.S resident. My hair and eye color is brown, but I could pick what I wanted, I’d have blue hair and yellow eyes! Haha

Raven: What sort of special talents you possess?

Belle: Special talents: I can sing pretty well and I used to play the piano and the flute!

Raven: Do you speak or write any languages? 

Belle: I studied Japanese in high school and one year in college, but I am definitely out of practice!

Raven: If 2020 was a fast food item, what would it be? 

Belle: Gas station sushi, Lol! 

Raven:  How will Belleawsum Cosplay celebrate this 2021 New Year?

Belle:To celebrate 2021, I will be at home ringing in the New Year safely, with my family! No better place to turn up! Hahahaha

Raven: Do you listen to any sort of music while working on your next cosplay outfit?

Belle: I don’t actually listen to music when working on something, I watch youtube videos and listen to podcasts. I do listen to music when I get ready/dressed in cosplay! Anything from EDM remixes, to Trivium, to Meg thee Stallion! Whatever gets me hyped up!!

Raven: Are you a pet lover? 

Belle: I am a pet lover and a proud dog mom!! I have one dog named Lockjaw!

Raven: That name sounds painful.

Raven: If 2020 was an ex, what would you name it? 

Belle: Ramsay Bolton, from Game of Thrones, jokingly, Lol!

Raven: Is there a character you find best describes your personality? 

Belle: One character I love is Nico from Devil may cry 5! She’s spunky, country and a wise crack and I love her personality the most out of any cosplay I’ve done. 

Raven: Do your fans make special requests or do you do what’s right for you? 

Belle: I typically go with what’s right for me but I am always open to suggestions! 

Raven: Do you find your personality reflects the characters? 

Belle: I try to pick favorite characters or characters I find interesting and put a little of myself along with the essence of the character in my cosplay! 

Raven: Did anything good happen in 2020? 

Belle: I learned a lot about myself and really found myself this year. I was able to understand myself and focus on my goals and take a break for the first time in my life, and it was very much needed. 

Belle: We were extremely fortunate this year and I don’t take that for granted! 

Raven: Do you prefer Dark and Gothic or Cute and Sexy? 

Belle: I prefer Darker characters but I also love cute and sexy! I try to mix them to get the best of both worlds! I mean who doesn’t want to see a sexy, dark, cute, goth-girl?

Raven: I am letting you know that my hand is raised.

Raven: Is there a cosplay character you are planning for next year? 

Belle: I have quite a few new cosplays planned for 2021! 

Belle: I honestly cannot keep up with how many cosplays I want to do!!

Raven: What can Black women who love cosplay do to get more recognition in the community? 

Belle: Be you and post proudly! Also helping each other to grow and share is very important! Belle: I don’t speak for all black women, but once we stop seeing each other as competition, we can help each other succeed! 

Raven: Praise the Word!

Raven: Does being a beautiful buxom black woman, affect the types of characters you portray? 

Belle: Yes and no. If there is a character who’s outfit doesn’t fit me properly or I am not comfortable with the outfit, I tend to modify it to fit me better until I like how it looks! 

Belle: For example, if I don’t like having my legs out, I’ll use a pair of leggings, tights or thigh highs if I can. I like to be accurate, but you have to like what you wear too!

Raven: If you had the power to change anything in the cosplay world, what would you change? 

Belle: Safer situations and options for people uncomfortable or who feel unsafe at conventions and ways to end bullying. Cosplayers work hard to bring their artistry to life and no one deserves to be bullied for something positive they enjoy doing!

Raven: Does loving yourself make you a better person to overcome prejudice from others? 

Belle: Absolutely, but it can still be hard. I have also found confidence in myself through cosplay! 

Raven: Are there any celebrity cosplayers you look up to? 

Belle: I look up to a lot of cosplayers but yes, one in particular is Cutiepiesensei! She’s amazing and a true inspiration! 

Raven: What would you like to see in 2021? 

Belle: The outside world!! Hahahaha But really, I really miss conventions and not being able to travel, but safety first! I hope to do some international travelling in 2021!

Raven: Are there any cosplay projects that will break the internet in 2021? 

Belle: Maybe?? Haha I guess you’ll have to follow my pages and find out! 😉 But I am trying to get better at prop making, for sure!

Raven: Is there anything you could ask for to bring your career to a whole new level? Belle: An unlimited supply of hair cream and safety pins, Lol! Honestly more space to create. 

Raven: If cosplay wasn’t something you were passionate about, what would you be doing? 

Belle: Owning my own business of some kind, preferably helping people in some way!

Raven: Can I get a hug on New Year’s Eve? 

Belle: Social distanced elbow bumps and fist bumps for now, but once con season comes back, hugs for all!    

Raven: With this interview coming to a close, may the New Year bring good health, unmeasurable rewards, and may all your encounters be free from wearing masks. Thank you Belleawsum for taking your time and energy to do this New Year’s interview. 

Belle: Raven, you’re the best. Thanks for being so patient and a decent brother from another mother!

Raven: One more question. Where can readers find more delicious stuff from you?

Belle: Well, make sure you bring a fork and knife because I supply a hefty meal. Here are my website links.

Please like. Please share. And above all love each other for 2021.

This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.


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