Nintendo to Release Super Nintendo Mini!

Hot off of the heals of the smash hit success of the Nintendo Mini, Nintendo has decided to do the same thing with the iconic ‘Super Nintendo‘! So if you were disappointed with the short run of the Nintendo mini, start saving your money now for the newer better thing! Check out what we know so far below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!
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Nintendo’s NES Classic mini-console exploded onto the market last year, and Nintendo’s decision to discontinue the console despite the high demand broke some gamers’ hearts.

But that heartbreak might not last long. Nintendo is reportedly planning to release a similarly miniaturized version of the Super Nintendo console before Christmas 2017, Eurogamer reports. The official name will be the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Development for the mini-console is reportedly already underway.

The plans for the mini SNES were a key reason behind Nintendo’s discontinuation of the NES Classic despite huge demand. Nintendo reportedly planned to make the console a holiday novelty and underestimated its popularity.




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