Nostalgic Reflections: The Search for 3-3/4 Figures in 2015

Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look back at G.I. Joe in 2015 as a whole. It was getting harder and harder to find 3-3/4 figures at retail. K-Mart had already run the “Ship My Pants” commercial a couple years prior and the online ordering was starting to take over everything. There were a few 50th anniversary figures but most were club and convention exclusives. Those who may have went hunting for Joes this year most likely had a hard time finding anything in the stores. I think the top figure that I missed out on but was able to acquire a few months ago was Gung-Ho. He just looked better than the 2007 version, both were modern versions of the original 1983 figure.

There was a cool Shipwreck with NAVY on the front of his t-shirt, a tan Spirit with the modern version of the 1988 Storm Shadow, and several others that looked cool. There were a couple cool vehicle sets and I have to give a huge shout out again to Adam for hooking me up with the black Skystriker and the Orange Hiss Tank. They are both awesome and I appreciate them very much. On to the club and exclusive figures. Big Ben, Bombstrike, Frostbite, Psyche-Out, Metal Head and all The Tiger Force figures and vehicles are all ones I would have loved to have in my collection. Even a couple figures with the Tiger Sting would have been awesome. Over all this was a solid year and I wish things would have been more available. I know I back then was still set in my old ways and was not going to order stuff on line, plus my wife would have killed me LOL. Who are your favorite figures from this year? Make sure to check back next week for those hard to find 2016 releases.


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