Last issue teased that Cobra Commander was going to get captured in this issue.

This issue will continue to develop the main story plot-line.

On to the issue.

The cover shows a brilliant portrait of Clutch and Roadblock capturing Cobra Commander. This is actually one of my favorite covers of the whole series.

On the title page we see Snow-Job precariously poised on the side of a mountain, using binoculars to keep watch over the Baroness who is recovering from her plastic surgeries.


Snow Job is using a s mall radio to speak with Duke and Roadblock, who are undercover in town at a restaurant. There were no cell phones for the general public back in the 80’s. And I don’t remember any briefcase disguise radios. But G.I. Joe and Cobra were always just ahead in the future of technology thanks to the futurist, Larry Hama.


Although it is not quite discreet to be speaking into a briefcase while trying to act casual, they spot their target, Major Sebastien Bludd, the Cobra mercenary, former lackey, and longtime poet. 

Duke signals Cover Girl and Clutch to tail his taxi.

They need to keep close enough not to lose them, but not so close as to draw suspicion. Clutch makes a playful suggestion regarding pretending to park and make out. Cover Girl is not falling for his shenanigans.


Meanwhile, Major Bludd has to use a pay phone to call Cobra Commander. Of course, he has the best technology. He has a phone built right into his Snake-themed throne.

The Commander and Bludd trade sharp-tongued threats, but Bludd has the upper hand. If the Baroness appears and tells Destro that Cobra Commander was working against him this whole time, Destro would do unimaginably painful things to him.


We will return to G.I. Joe after these messages – 

Cobra Commander threatens Major Bludd by suggesting he could have a gorilla from a luggage ad stomp on his face. Here is the ad he was talking about:

Now Back to G.I. Joe

Duke keeps communicating with the team from another restaurant, while Roadblock critiques the food. The waiter thinks he is witty, by pointing out that it was bad table manners to place a briefcase on the table and talk to it. Roadblock wasn’t having any of his lip.


The Baroness gets some new black leather clothes, and Larry Hama integrates her new look in the comics to help Hasbro sell the Baroness action figure.


Duke and Roadblock fly on ahead to continue the pursuit of Baroness and Major Bludd. They believe the trail will lead them to Cobra Commander.

Duke and Roadblock are joking that there is no way Cobra Commander was brazen enough to waltz right in, since he would stand out with a helmet or hood.

But just then, who walks in??


But instead it turns out to be a Cosplay Convention.


They realize Major Bludd picked the cover for the meeting well. Since there are cosplayers everywhere, they miss the actual Cobra Commander and his driver coming in moments later.

There are many car chases in this issue.


Cover Girl and Clutch crash, but the Cosplayers and fans think it was staged as part of the celebration.


There is quite a scuffle between Bludd’s men and the Commander and his driver are briefly in jeopardy. But the Commander’s driver is revealed to be Storm Shadow in disguise. A ninja, disguised as a chauffeur, who knew?


There are even more car chases, a chase with a float, and a cement truck, but eventually, the right people get in the correct vehicles and Clutch and Roadblock are headed forward in the VAMP.


Clutch tells Roadblock their advantage is their “off road capability.” Roadblock points out they are on a mountain road. Clutch doesn’t care.


Roadblock shoots up the Commander’s armored limo. The Baroness jumps on to the remains of a parade float with Major Bludd and Storm Shadow, as the Joes capture Cobra Commander!! This is quite an event for them.

The tease for Issue 24 is whether the Joes can KEEP Cobra Commander captive.


But then on the letters to Postbox: The Pit page, spoiler alert!!


Evidently, the Joes can keep a prisoner about as well as Larry Hama’s editors can keep a secret. 

Okay, so this issue had some fun and excitement, some light hearted moments, some feeble attempts at co-worker romance. But most of all, car chases! Okay, and capturing Cobra Commander.

Now You Know – a little more about “Cobra Commander, Captured at Last!” Feel free to let me know what you thought of this issue in the comments AFTER THE JUMP!



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