Issue 52 had a lot of political intrigue, assassination attempts, Storm Shadow turning over a new life and leaving revenge in the past. The Joes on suspension for a domestic attack will be continued in the future. But the looming threat of yet another attack on the PIT gives the readers a sense of doom and foreboding. Feel free to check out the review of Issue 52 in case you missed it. (You can catch up on other “Now You Know With YorktownJoe” reviews there as well!)

On to the issue


At the end of Issue 52, Hawk gave the Joe team the bad news that they were on suspension pending an administrative review of their actions during the Battle of Springfield.

This issue begins with Hawk escorting service branch members of the review committee. They are moving down a hydraulic lift to the PIT, G.I.Joe’s headquarters hidden under the Chaplain’s Assistant’s center at Fort Wadsworth. General Hollingsworth represents the US Army in his dress green uniform. General Ryan is a tough Marine general sporting a khaki colored uniform. Admiral Dyson is more reserved and represents the Navy for the investigation.


General Ryan is talking down to General Hollingsworth and Hawk, and doubts that Cobra was involved in Springfield. He is upset that a military operation happened on US soil and an entire town was leveled.

General Hollingsworth points out the video also shows an unknown combatant in a snake head-dress cowl (Serpentor) leading a counter-assault with fully automatic weapons. This would not be a usual town response to special forces over-stepping the bounds of posse comitatus. Sheriffs are supposed to keep the local peace, not the Federal Government through the the armed forces… Nonetheless, machine guns, artillery and tanks are not covered by the 2nd Amendment. The heavy assault and explosives used by Cobra in the battle are all in violation of the law. But this is a review board of generals, not a court of law.


The bored Joes are wrecking a lot of stuff and causing hard times for the Chaplain’s Assistants. They are even having a hatchet or small axe throwing competition.


Cobra has discovered the Joes have a base under Fort Wadsworth. They destroyed the surface base of this location back in Issue 19. But they eliminated the dot, and did not consider what was “under” the dot. Now that Zartan and Buzzer confirmed that location, an attack was planned.

Zartan and his forces are part of the assault, disguised as Joes accompanying trucks full of “supplies.” Two of the Chaplain’s Assistants observe that the Joes are receiving a lot of supplies for a unit off active duty. Spirit overhears this conversation.


The Joe team is confined to the Chaplain’s Assistant area, but have also taken up temporary residence in the gym for training purposes. The Chaplain’s Assistants are portrayed as quite the nerdy bunch. They are perturbed by the rowdiness of the Joes.
One person’s perception of rowdiness, is another person’s friskiness.

And speaking of friskiness…

One person’s friskiness is another person’s harassment. Flint and Lady Jaye are engaged in conversation in the woods. But then Lady Jaye initiates extracurricular wrestling. They both seem to be enjoying themselves, so I don’t think Human Resources will become involved.

That’s actually not it at all. They notice a few Cobra Night Landing rafts filled with E.E.L.S. frogmen coming ashore, near the woods where they were concealed.


That’s a lot of E.E.L.S. This is important to the story, but may be a subtle suggestion toward army building. I only had one E.E.L. growing up, and ended up with a second much later. They are great characters.


As the Dreadnoks and Cobra forces converge inside the Fort Wadsworth motor pool, they begin unpacking Battle Android Troopers (B.A.T.S.). 

Cobra Commander plans to lead the assault personally. Destro asks to join them. They have a combination of Cobra troopers (aka “Blueshirts”) and the new Battle Android Troopers (B.A.T.S.)

Now any pretense is gone. This is full fledged encouragement of troop building the figures!!


It is uncertain whether they intended to air drop the Android troopers. But when Hawk presses the emergency stop on the hydraulic lift, the Android troopers get a crash course in physics, specifically in gravity.

Lots of B.A.T.S. drop multiple levels and crash into parts, but keep chanting “Continue the Mission!!” And they keep shooting and crawling forward.

If kids played out this scene, they would indeed have a need to buy replacement figures. Hmmm.


After they eavesdrop on Cobra plans, Flint tells Lady Jaye to run back as fast as she can to warn the Joes. He tells her he is going to try and slow the E.E.L.S. teams down and rushes right at them.


“Deep in the PIT” is a nice transition back to the underground battle. General Ryan is giving off a 70’s/80’s Nick Fury vibe with his eyepatch and firepower. He uses a L.A.W. to blow up a B.A.T. The battle continues to rage.


Cobra has a brief political power struggle, and Cobra Commander reasserts his leadership. These are his troops and he intends to lead them in to glory. Once again, Spirit is creeping around the peripheral edges.


We see the E.E.L.S. team outside the motor pool discussing whether it was wise to leave only one E.E.L. to guard the Joe prisoner. They are referring to Flint who fought valiantly, but lost.

An E.E.L. is just above a seemingly unconscious Flint, ready to “finish” him with a knife.

Flint delivers a crushing blow to the Cobra’s face. He grabs his weapons and makes plans to double back to the PIT. His face is badly bruised.


As the group of generals continues fighting back, Cobra Commander unleashes a B.A.T. with a dynamite vest. He plans to send the special B.A.T. down the stairwell to blow up the resistance. Destro warns that the Cobra Troopers who are trying to flank the generals will be caught in the blast. Cobra Commander demonstrates less than persuasive leadership with his “That was your mistake” crack-back. Destro cares about human life. Cobra Commander: Not so much.


Admiral Dyson heroically charges back up the stairwell to buy the other 3 generals more time. 


General Ryan objects but Hollingsworth and Hawk shove him though an opening and let Admiral Dyson know they are sealing the blast door.

The dynamite vest B.A.T. has Admiral Dyson high overhead and is trying to throw him down the entire stairwell. Admiral Dyson continues pounding the vest trying to get it to detonate and buy time, so his gesture is not in vain.

Eventually he succeeds. There is a grisly explosion.


General Ryan and Hawk discuss the possibility of setting up charges to destroy the PIT and take out Destro and Cobra Commander. Meanwhile, the head snakes are making there way through the cleared debris to continue the fight.


Above in the motor pool, a few E.E.L.S. stagger in wounded to where Serpentor, Zartan, and the Dreadnoks are positioned. The Joes have discovered them and the E.E.L. team was ambushed. 


Cobra Commander and Destro blast their way through to where Hawk, Hollingsworth and Ryan are secured. A large piece of equipment falls on Marine General Ryan, crushing his legs.

General Ryan orders Hawk and Hollingsworth to make a break for the escape tunnel. He has the blasting trigger for all the explosive charges they set with the time Admiral Dyson’s sacrifice bought them.

Destro notices the blasting cable as they continue to exchange fire. 

Too late.


There is a massive explosion. The PIT collapses. Zartan and the Dreadnoks escape with Serpentor and shoot their way out as they crash through the gates in a semi truck.


General Hollingsworth reinstates the Joe team from suspension. Cobra is real. And the PIT is no more. The Joes are supposed to transition into a nomad moving unit, without a central base of operations. Presumably, this would help them keep on the move in the pursuit of Cobra.

It certainly appears Destro and Cobra Commander and many others were killed in the explosion. Now Cobra rests with Serpentor. And Zartan.

Where will Cobra go from here. How will the Joes re-group?

Find out next time in Issue 54!!


Issue 53 had a lot of action, including the final destruction of G.I.Joe’s HQ: the PIT. Admiral Dyson and General Ryan both gave their lives to take out Cobra Commander and Destro. With that massive explosion – who could have survived?

General Hollingsworth already believed in the Joes, and they are officially off suspension. He wants them to serve as a nomad unit, travelling in vehicles without a fixed position for Cobra or others to attack.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Tune in soon for Issue 54. 

Now You Know – a little more about: ”PIT-FALL” Feel free to let me know what you thought of this issue AFTER THE JUMP!


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