Official Images Of Transformers: Siege Decepticons Revealed!

Today at NYCC Hasbro has revealed official images of the Decepticons from the upcoming Transformers: Siege line! If you were wondering if this years new Transformers would be as good or better than last years, no worries, they are awesome. Check out the images and details below and let us know how many you plan on buying AFTER THE JUMP!

Source: IGN

“With Bumblebee shaping up to be the live-action film that fans of the original cartoon have always wanted, it’s definitely not a bad time to be a Transformers fan. And of course, the toy line is going strong as always.

This morning, during Hasbro’s Transformers panel, a bunch of brand-new baddies were revealed from the War For Cybertron: Siege line: Megatron, Shockwave, Soundwave, Refraktor, and Starscream (yes, actually Starscream, not Blitzwing.)”


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