Original 1982 G.I.Joe Hector Garrido Art Found In New Jersey!


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This is a fascinating story about how original G.I.Joe Artwork by Hector Garrido, that to those of us who are G.I.Joe Collectors is quite iconic, was found in New Jersey. Check out all of the details on this below, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and Join in the Discussion!

(Source: Hisstank)

What an incredible day it has been here in New Jersey. While out visiting family and friends, working my way back to Florida, I always make my way to all the local Vintage Toy Stores that are located in the South Jersey area. Today I walked into The House of Fun and as always started talking shop with Chris Consalvi the owner. I do my normal shopping and pick up a few G.I.Joe items for my collection and start the check-out process. Chris then starts to say, “hey before you leave check out this G.I.Joe Art I got in the other day you might be interested in”. Well he proceeds to pull out a piece of 1982 Hector Garrido G.I.Joe Original Art that was done for Hasbro Industries, Inc. -Durham Industries, G.I.Joe pinball game. The rest is History, it is now in my collection.I hope everybody enjoy’s the Images, a piece of G.I.Joe History has been found and I am happy to share it with the G.I.Joe Collecting Community!




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