Outback’s Outpost ‘G.I.Joe Frag Viper’ By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the 1989 G.I.Joe Cobra Frag Viper. This was my last big year for Joes as a kid and this is one I got for Xmas that year. The body of this figure is pretty basic but it works for this guy. The helmet sculpt looks pretty bad ass and the weapons are the main focus of this figure. He has a back pack full of grenades which hook up to the scoop via a hose that is much larger then the regular black hose used in most of the other Joes and Cobras.

The scoop always reminded me of the wiffle ball scoop, so I may or may not have pretended to be a Frag Viper in gym class and tossed grenades to kids I did not like. I don’t remember this guy having a spot in the cartoon, or at least a reoccurring or focused episode. I’m not sure if he was used in the comics but I feel he may have been a little more suited for them. I have one of these complete in my collection and one extra scoop from my childhood figure.

I always felt this was a specialty so really only need one or two of them in the arsenal. There was a convention exclusive in 2013 that was spot on and they named the throwing scoop a Cesta. I’m still a bit bitter of all the great figures like this I couldn’t get at retail, but I love the O-ring version well enough. Over all this is a really cool figure and I hope to come across a modern version some day. Who loves Frag Viper? Who had this one as a kid? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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