Outback’s Outpost Retro ‘MOTU’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today is a Monday special. I’m jumping outside the G.I.Joe world and taking a look at the new Masters of the Universe figures. I found a bunch over the weekend 6 in all. I did not grow up with the MOTU but a kid my mom used to babysit for was in to them so I had some in hand contact with these figures as a kid. I also found a bunch in the basement when I bought my in-laws house years ago, so I do have some originals.

The new figures do have some nice articulations and I think are easier to pose then the originals. I did put a couple next to some 6 inch Star Wars and GI Joes and honestly they don’t look horrible. I can see myself making some cross dimensional dio pics with these figures. The weapons on these figures are minimal but pretty much are their traditional style weapons so I won’t complain about it. A sword that came out of the sheath would have been pretty bad ass though.

Over all I will say these are pretty nice figures and I wasn’t planning on buying any of them but I got one, opened it, and saw how cool they were, so the rest is history. Now I just hope I can get a Battle Cat, my original one ended up in the trash(crocodile tears). If you come across these out and about make sure to check them out. And join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP. Make sure to check back for our next discussion!

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