Photos and Details for Sideshow’s New Vampirella Statue!

Sideshow Collectibles has revealed photos and details as well as opened up Pre-Order’s for their stunning new Vampirella statue. The Sideshow Exclusive Edition will be priced at $255, while the Collectors Edition (the standard version) is priced at $250. Check out all the photos and details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP.

Sitting at about 10”, Vampirella rests gently atop a morbid throne of skeletal remains, decorated with several skulls at the top. The regal seat is draped with a sculpted scarlet fabric that pools at the base of the throne, looking like rich, red blood befitting this vampire vixen.

Vampi’s raven-hair flows gracefully behind her as she gestures enticingly, drawing you in to her thrall. The bloodthirsty beauty is wearing her white high collar and classic crimson costume, adorned with a gold bat symbol and gold jewelry.

Vampirella’s black thigh-high boots hover gently over the base of the throne as she sits, light as a bat’s wing. She comes detailed with a matching red manicure, completing her famous and fashionable ensemble.

The Exclusive version of Vampirella comes with a swap-out right hand holding a vampire bat, with the flighty familiar ready to take wing into the mysterious night.

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