Platinum Edition Intel Ops Reissue Transformers G1 Blaster And Perceptor!


If you do not own a G1 Blaster or Perceptor figure, you will definitely be interested in the all new Transformers Platinum Edition Intel Ops Reissue Blaster and Perceptor 2 pack that is coming soon. Today we have some images of the figures for you. Check those out below, and share your thoughts!


We’ve got slightly better looks at the package for another of the upcoming G1 reissue sets falling under the Platinum Series banner. Intel Ops featuring Blaster and three cassettes with Perceptor who’s gotten some new microscope-related parts is likely to be the biggest of these sets to come along until the strongly rumored Trypticon would turn up. Unfortunately these photos don’t really shed any more insights, especially towards Perceptor’s new mystery accessory, but hopefully those details will be made clearer soon! Keep reading to see both images.


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