Promotional Video Tells Story of Beast Hunters Sequel!


Hey Transformers fans, you are going to be stoked to find out, that while Transformers Beast Hunters will be ending on the HUB it will be continuing on video. Check out all the news on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Takara Tomy have posted a Transformers Go! video to their official YouTube channel. The video previews a bit of the cartoon story along with details on the series. From what we understand the Transformers Go! Series will take up the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters line and continue it with the DVD series that will be a sequel to The Hub produced cartoon. Thanks to Hydra over at the Allspark, we have some of the details on the back story for the sequel. Check out out the Transformers Go! promo video and more details below – SPOILERS AHEAD

Well, looks like the information is legitimately out…

The magazine spread for Go! said that Optimus and co. had sealed Predaking away inside the Earth using the artfact known as the “Legendisk,”
and left Earth to hunt down other Predacons who had spread throughout the galaxy. They entrusted the duty of hunting down the scattering of Predacons still on Earth to a team of six Autobots…

In that sense, it takes place after BH, but whether it will link up smoothly is anyone’s guess.

Basically, the extent to swhich this mirrors Battlestars>OpCom is uncanny. Elite team of powerful Autobots, including Optimus Prime (and BH Op himself is very Star Convoy-ish already) leave Earth to do battle in space. Earth is left in the hands of small team of freely combining Autobots.

Coincidence? Almost certainly.



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