QMX Star Trek Kirk and Spock Action Figure photos / Details!


Today we have new photos for the Quantum Mechanix Star Trek: The Original Series Figures. If you are a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series, you will not want to miss out on these offerings. They are expected to cost $1979.95 each, and will be up for pre-order on June 23rd, and will also be available at SDCC. Check out the images below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx) is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series with the upcoming release of Captain James T. Kirk and Spock in the QMx Master Series of 1:6-scale articulated collectible figures.

Kirk and Spock feature authentically styled Star Trek: The Original Series uniforms with simulated leather boots and detailed 23rd century accessories, including phasers, communicators, Spock’s tricorder and Kirk’s clipboard. Both figures include multiple hands for a variety of action poses.


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