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Rambo III Figure by Hiya Toys Is A Must Have!

Hiya Toys has released photos and details for their exciting new Rambo III figure. Rambo stands at 6.3″ tall, with over 22 points of articulation. He features a tailored fabric outfit, three interchangeable portraits, multiple interchangeable hands, a compound bow with arrows, a quiver, survival knives, detachable daggers, a SVD sniper rifle with detachable magazine, and AK47 assault rifle with detachable magazine and grenade launcher, a RPG-7 rocket launcher with detachable warhead, grenades, explosive devices, and a display stand. Priced at $89.99, this offering is slated for release in the Second Quarter of 2024. In the meantime, check out the photos and more details for this offering below and share your thoughts in the comments.

HIYA Exquisite Super Series 1/12 Scale 6 Inch Rambo III Rambo Action Figure

After countless battles, John Rambo has grown weary of war. Following the rescue mission in “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” he seeks a peaceful life through contemplative training in Thailand. However, Colonel Trautman receives orders to aid Afghan freedom fighters against Soviet invaders. He seeks Rambo’s help, but the war-weary hero, despite seeing the suffering of Afghan civilians, refuses to engage.

One fateful night, Trautman’s team is ambushed and he’s captured. Learning of this, Rambo resolves to act. With no turning back, he must act swiftly, risking government denial of his existence. This time, he fights to save his friend. Donning his combat gear, Rambo enters Afghanistan, ready for a perilous rescue mission.

This brand new 1/12 scale Rambo action figure faithfully recreates his appearance, standing at about 160mm. With a highly posable body featuring hidden joints in the neck, chest, and waist, it captures the character’s iconic look. The figure includes real fabric accessories like headband, vest, jacket, and jeans, combining style with articulation.

The head sculpt captures Rambo’s likeness, accessories include survival knives, detachable daggers, SVD sniper rifle (detachable magazine), AK47 assault rifle (detachable magazine, grenade launcher), compound bow, RPG-7 rocket launcher (detachable warhead), grenades, incendiary and explosive devices. Additional 6 pairs of interchangeable hands ensure dynamic combat poses, echoing the film’s intense scenes.

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