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Remembering Our Batman Kevin Conroy!

Hello everyone. Kevin Conroy was born in 1955 in Westbury, NY and passed away Nov 10th 2022 do to complications from intestinal cancer. Conroy best known as voicing Batman in various Batman animated series had many other rolls throughout his career and he was still working in 2022. Conroy went to Juilliard where he worked with actors such as Robin Williams and Kelsey Grammar. He works as a stage actor and in 1980 Conroy got is first gig on the day time soap opera “Another World”. He also made a number of live appearances on shows like Matlock, Cheers, and the Office.

For me Conroy didn’t really jump right out at me when I heard of his passing. Once I got to fishing around and looking up some of his work I realized just how talented he was. Not only is he Bruce Wayne/ Batman in several animated series but also involved in Ben 10, the new He-Man series, and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest. I have not watched a lot of the animated Batman series so I decided to check out some of Conroy’s work that spanned over the last 30 years. This may be my new thing to do, start these from the beginning and watch all of these series.

Conroy who took on the original animated voice of Batman said that he knew of Batman only from the Adam West days. When he auditioned for the part the director told him they were looking for a darker side of Batman, and in a moment Conroy came up with the voice of Batman and the rest is history. Conroy also provided voices for many video games most being his staple character Batman. Conroy made his mark and will be remembered for many works but his memory will live on in generations to come as, Batman. Rest In Peace, you and your voice will truly be missed.


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