Remembering Star Trek’s David Warner and Paul Sorvino!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today we remember 2 actors who have been a staple to the Hollywood universe for many years. David Warner was born in 1941 in England and passed away just shy of his 81st birthday. Warner performed along side Bob Dylan in his early days in the play Madhouse on Castle Street. Warner was in a number of great films such as Titanic, Star Trek, and Planet of the Apes. Along side his movie career he had several tv shows such as “A Christmas Carol”, Murder She Wrote, and Star Trek The Next Generation. Warner also had a bunch of voice acting in series such as Batman, Men in Black, and his last roll in Teen Titans Go in 2020. Warner has been a staple for many years and will be missed by the Hollywood community and fans alike. RIP Mr Warner.

Paul Sorvino born in 1939 in Brooklyn, also passed this week. Sorvino has had many great movie rolls over the years including The Gambler with James Caan, “Oh, God” with George Burns, and Goodfellas along side many great actors. Sorvino also had a hand in tv in shows like Star Trek The Next Generation, Murder She Wrote and, Godfather of Harlem which he finished up in 2021. His daughter Mira has also been acting in Hollywood since the mid eighties. Sorvino also enjoyed opera, writing, and his first love sculpting. Sorvino will be missed and his legacy will live on through his work he had done over the past several decades. RIP Mr. Sorvino.


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