Review: DC Comics ‘TRINITY’ #1!



For the First time in DC Comics history DC’s big three headliners are going to be featured together again in their own title, ‘Trinity’. This week marks the inaugural issue of the new ‘Trinity’ series and we are going to take a look at what is in store for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, as they start this new adventure together.

When I read the first page of ‘Trinity’ it started me down a path of confusion. Having not picked up a DC Comic since before the ‘New 52’ period, I was totally lost and confused as to how the characters arrived at the places they were being depicted. So, unfortunately for the new reader who is picking up this series for the first time, if you didn’t read ‘New 52’ Superman, or you have not read the new ‘Rebirth’ Superman series, you are going to be a bit confused.

You see, ‘New 52 Superman’ is dead. And, in the process of this event taking place, it is revealed that the Superman from before the ‘New 52’ era has been living on Earth secretly. He has been married to Lois Lane, just as he was in the old Superman comics, and, he has a son named Jon. To follow that up, Batman and Wonder Woman are still carry overs from the ‘New 52’ universe, so they are grieving the death of their Superman, while trying to form a relationship with the new ‘Old’ Superman.



There are some nuances from the ‘New 52’ universe that come into play here. At one point Lois asks Wonder Woman about her relationship with ‘New 52’ Clark Kent, and if that would affect how she related to her Clark Kent. For those who did not read ‘New 52’, that Superman was in a romantic relationship with Wonder Woman………………..

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