Review: Designer Series Catwoman by DC Collectibles!


If you are a big fan of the Batman Universe, you are definitely going to enjoy checking out this new review for the upcoming Designer Series Catwoman from DC Collectibles. I can attest it is one of the best sculpts of Catwoman in a long time. Check out the review below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

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Here is our early look at DC Collectibles Designer Series figure Greg Capullo’s Catwoman. Releasing along side Wave 2’s Red Hood, Mr. Freeze, and Thrasher Batman, she rounds out some main players in Capullo’s New 52 Batman relaunch run. I’d have to say that Mr. Freeze is more impressive, but she still has some good qualities to her. Catwoman is set to release in December but she’s on the prowl today in our gallery after the break!

DC Collectibles Designer Series Greg Capullo Catwoman

Sleek, streamlined look
(P)leather like whip, full movement
Iconic goggles and head sculpt

Forearm swivel is tight, broke on first attempt at movement
No outward hip movement, limits posing
High heels are a nice touch, but also limit posing

Overall, Catwoman is 50/50 for me. The look, other than the head, is great. Head – the goggles and proportionally large lips throw me off, though are accurate to the comics. Upon first attempt at moving the whip arm at the forearm swivel, snapped. I think whenever there is black paint near a joint, these figs have problems. Same happened on my Capullo Nightwing. So be careful.

The legs feature an upper thigh swivel and front/back ankles, but the sculpted curve and high heels do not lend themselves to action poses. You basically will have her standing straight up with a little arm and neck posing, done. There is no waist or ab articulation, assuming they wanted to keep the sleek catsuit look, which is fine by me. Overall, if you are a completionist or Catwoman fan – grab her, otherwise save your cash for one of the other DC Collectibles figures out or coming.


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