Review: Serpentorslair Staffer Ska_Lives brings us a Review of ‘G.I.Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye’

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Serpentor’s Lair Staffer Ska_Lives brings us an in depth look at the all new G.I.Joe Retaliation Lady Jaye action figure that is showing up at retail stores now. Check out an excerpt below, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and read the Full Review!

Well, as we saw with my previous review, Joe Colton is a worthy figure. Now for another one from the new line, Lady Jaye! Now let me go ahead and say that early images of this figure did not leave me very hopeful, but seeing it in person I have had some of my faith in Hasbro restored. With that being said lets just go ahead and get down to brass tax shall we?





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