Serpentorslair is partnering with comics-x-aminer to do reviews of upcoming DC Comics titles and today we have the first in the series for you. Our first review takes a look at the second issue of the new series, ‘All-Star Batman‘. Check out the full review by clicking HERE, then make the JUMP to the forums us know if you are reading this book and what you thought of it!

I want to start this off by sharing a little background on myself, the reviewer. This is my first project taking an in depth look at a DC Comics title. Don’t get me wrong, I have been reading Comics since I was a kid, which was a long time ago. But I have not picked up any DC Comics in close to ten years, and even then my interest did not stretch far beyond, ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’.
When Comics – X – Aminer asked me to submit a review for DC’s new ‘All Star Batman’ title, I was intrigued. I was an avid fan of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ back in the 1990’s and I have seen all of the Batman live action movies, but I have not read any Batman Comics newer than the era of the 1960’s. As you might expect, I am coming at this experience with a fresh set of eyes. With that said, lets delve into what, ‘All Star Batman’ is about.
This review is going to cover the events that occur in All Star Batman #2. But to fully understand the tone and direction of the series, you are going to want to start with issue #1. The title of the first story arc is, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’, though, once you really get into the theme of the story, you could call it, ‘Road Trip’. In the first issue, we learn that this story arc revolves around ‘Two Face’ and his ability to use his vast network of information which he gathered as the District Attorney of Gotham. The power that ‘Two Face’ wields is his ability to control not only Gotham’s most notorious villains via blackmail, but his ability to manipulate the sum total of its citizenry via the same method…………………

Check out the full review by clicking HERE


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