Rick Moranis Set to Return to the Big Screen in ‘Shrunk’!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Welcome everyone, today I’m checking out one of my favorite actors from the eighties and nineties, Rick Moranis. Rick was born in 1953 in Toronto Canada. According to Wikipedia he went to grad school with Geddy Lee, frontman for the band Rush. Rick Married Ann Belsky and had 2 children. In 1991 Ann sadly lost a battle with cancer and Rick opted to take a break from acting and focus on raising his children. He is set to make his big comeback on the big screen with the new Disney movie Shrunk. Moranis started out doing radio work and found himself on the Canadian version of SNL , SCTV in the late seventies. There his character Bob McKenzie was born along side his brother Doug played by Dave Thomas who persuaded Moranis to join the cast in the first place. Rick’s first movie on the big screen is one of my all time favorites “Strange Brew”.

This is one I have on VHS and DVD, I need to find a VCR and see if the tape still plays lol. Moranis had a number of rolls in the eighties in big franchise films like Ghostbusters and Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Other stand alone greats include, Dark Helmet in Spaceballs, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, Danny O’Shea in Little Giants and Barney Rubble in the live action Flintstones.

He also did voice acting and is one of my favorite characters Rutt in the animated movie Brother Bear. I still use the I spy line frequently, Tree. Moranis is one of my favorite actors and I hope his come back with spark the passion for acting and we will see him in more movies down the road. Make sure to check back for more stories and discussions. Have a great week everybody.


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