Robert Downey, Jr. Confirms There Will Be A Fourth ‘Iron Man’ Movie


There was some doubt about whether or not there would be a fourth “Iron Man” movie and whether or not Robert Downey, Jr. would star in it. But let us doubt no longer as RDJ has cleared the air.

Downey, Jr. went on “Ellen” today, and she asked him straight up if there was going to be a fourth film in the Marvel franchise. At first, Downey was hesitant to give a straightforward answer.

He said,


I know there’s going to be a bunch more Marvel movies. And they have big ideas of how to do it best and we’re in the middle of negotiation…


But, after some light prodding from Ellen, Downey, Jr. gave in and said that there would be a fourth “Iron Man” and that he will be the star of said film. Check out the clip up top


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