Robert Gant Cast as Zor-El In new ‘Supergirl’ Series!


The Kryptonian Father of Supergirl, ‘Zor-El‘ has been cast for the new Supergirl TV Series coming to CBS. The role will be played by actor Robert Gant. Check out the details on this below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: has exclusively confirmed that Robert Gant has been added to the cast as Kara Zor-El’s paternal father, Zor-El. Of course, since the pilot is finshed, Robert has already shot his scenes. Robert Gant Zor-ElThis is huge news. We had some audition dialogue that showed that Zor-El probably would be in the show. Everyone that knows Supegirl lore, having Zor-El on the show could lead to some big things! Zor-El in the new 52 ended up being the cyborg Superman! The only other cyborg Superman there’s been was Hank Henshaw! So BOOM looks like there is a good chance we’ll see a cyberborg-Superman in the future. Well at least the characters are there to make it happen! Also, unless Zor-El is going to be a hologram or some kind of Kryptonian technology, we can assume there will be a scene on Krypton!

To further add evidence of Robert’s involvement in Supergirl, Check out these tweets he sent below and their dates:


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