Rumor: New Transformers Titans Return Toys: Predaking, Abominus MORE!


If you thought that the new Transformers: Titans Return line was one of the best in many years, hold onto your seat. We have a rumor today, that if plays out to be true, may just put this line right at the top of the list for Transformers Collectors. Included in this latest news is that some of the figures upcoming for the line will be, ‘Predaking‘, ‘Abominus‘, ‘Grotusque‘ and more. Get the skinny on this rumor below and let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Well Autobot N has shown us an image from TMizer’s Facebook page which is titled “「Rumor」Official products of transformers. upcoming in 2017” and it repeats a lot of toys that we have already seen rumored, with some new ones. Here is the image:




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