Rumor: Robert Redford In Talks For ‘Captain America’!


How cool would it be to see Iconic Actor Robert Redford play a role in Captain America: Winter Soldier! There are not a lot of specific details about what role he would play, but you can check out the news on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


by Brett White

Deadline has reported that Robert Redford, probably the most iconic actor alive today, is in talks to star in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” So, you know, how cool is that? That’s literally the extent of the information Deadline has to give, but it’s a rumor with big enough ramifications that we have to report on it and, obviously, have to start wildly speculating about. Who could Robert Redford be playing in the already jam packed “Captain America” sequel?

This is a real head scratcher, since Robert Redford is too big of an actor for the roles from the source material that haven’t already been cast. The film is still missing a real arch-nemesis for Cap, unless they make Winter Soldier or Crossbones more than the hired guns they are in the comic. But we can’t imagine Robert Redford being hired to play the Russian criminal mastermind Aleksander Lukin. You cast Robert Redford because you want to utilize his status as an American treasure. So, who could he play?

Dum Dum Dugan
Neal McDonough did a great job as Dum Dum in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” but time has passed and Dum Dum’s aged since their World War II adventures. Instead of putting McDonough in old age makeup, put Redford in a bowler hat and mustache, give him some firearms, and let him go to town in a scene or two. Plus having a more mature actor play a peer to the youthful Chris Evans would really highlight just how out of place Captain America is in the modern world.

Nick Fury
I have no idea how they could pull this off, but it would be fantastic just to see Redford in the eye patch. Comic book fans know that the Nick Fury expertly portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson is actually from the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics, and the Nick Fury that has been kicking around comics for the last 50 years looks considerably different (David Hasselhoff played him in a TV movie once, a fact that still boggles the mind). Jackson does not need to be replaced, and there’s really no way to work in another Nick Fury without introducing parallel universes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so this is definitely the most out-there idea.

A New Character
They gave Tommy Lee Jones a similar treatment in the first Cap film, giving the veteran actor a totally new character to portray. The same could be done for Redford, who could portray anything from an old army buddy to a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. official to the President of the United States (that last one isn’t such a bad idea…). Since the previous two suggestions are so off-the-wall, odds are Redford will be someone we’ve never seen before if this rumor pans out.


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