Rumor: Supergirl Moving to the CW!


As many fans of Supergirl have noticed, the show has yet to be officially confirmed for a second season. According to reports the reason for the hold up is that CBS is having to pay 3 million dollars to Warner Bros. in licensing fee’s to do the show. Which, unfortunately makes it one of the most expensive shows on television. There are two weeks left until CBS officially announces its fall schedule, and rumors floating around have opened up the possibility that Supergirl may move over to the CW and join all of the other DCshows this coming fall. The draw back would be a reduced budget for the show, but adding Supergirl to the CW DC Universe would, in my opinion be an asset that would make up for that. Check out more on this below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

CBS and Warner Bros. are in discussions about a renewal for Supergirl, and there are rumors it could be moving to The CW.

According to The Wrap, Supergirl costs around $3 million to make per episode, and the ratings of its first season which ended in April aren’t making up for it.

Why The Flash / Supergirl Crossover Was So Enjoyable
Why The Flash / Supergirl Crossover Was So Enjoyable
CBS head Leslie Moonves and Warner Bros.’ TV head Peter Roth are in the midst of discussions, but a deadline is looming, as CBS will be announcing its fall schedule in just two weeks.

The CW network is jointly owned by CBS and Warner, and a possible solution could be moving Supergirl there. The CW already has superhero shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, so it would be a good fit.

The problem for Supergirl is The CW doesn’t offer huge budgets to its shows either, so we’d likely see cutbacks for a second season. None of this has been confirmed yet, so IGN will update you when we learn something concrete.

If it does happen, we could be seeing more crossover episodes with The CW’s other shows, such as when The Flash and Supergirl met up in March.

Source: IGN

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