Ryan Reynolds to Announce Deadpool Movie at SDCC?


There seem to be a lot of legitimate sources saying that the much anticipated Deadpool movie will be announced at SDCC 2014. Not only that, but that actor Ryan Reynolds will be the one to announce it. For more on this, check out the info below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: kdramastars.com)

Fans have been clamoring for more Deadpool movie news when it was revealed that the Deadpool movie would be announced at the San Diego Comic Con 2014 and it seems like Deadpool himself would be the one to announce the movie at Comic Con.
The Hollywood Chronicle reported that Ryan Reynolds got a bit furious when he learned that he was booted from the Green Lantern franchise and that he told reporters that he promises that he would be more active when it comes to dealing with the behind the scenes stuff in his movies. He promised fans that they can expect an “awesome” Deadpool movie.

In another report from the Latino Tempo, Ryan Reynolds would announce the Deadpool movie at Comic Con 2014, giving fans the Deadpool movie news they have been waiting for.
The Philadelphia Tempo reported that the plot line is about a Deadpool from another dimension going into the X-Men origin timeline to wipe away the original Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” due to the eventhaving “universal repercussions”. But with X-Men Days of Future Past effectively changing the timeline of the movies, the script would be rewritten to follow that storyline.
Hugh Jackman has expressed his interest on fighting Deadpool again and this has led to rumors saying that he is going to be included in the movie however these are just rumors and there is no word from Fox that Wolverine is going to be included in the Deadpool movie.
But the most notable news here is Michael Biehn being Cable, for a long time now, fans have been including him in fan casts and he would always play Cable in their fantasy cast and him being involved in the Deadpool movie is something fans would really appreciate.

The Deadpool movie is allegedly going to be a full-on action comedy.


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