Sam Wells shares unreleased G.I.Joe Characters With Nerdrahtio!


Today we have a look at some really cool previously unreleased characters fro the Joe Vs. Cobra and DTC era’s of the G.I.Joe Line. Check out the awesome podcast below from our friends at NerdRAHtio and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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5by5nI’m very excited to release our first new episode, now under the Nerdrahtio banner, and with some amazing images that very few have seen before.

Sam Wells returns as our guest, Tom “the assassin” takes his chair as my new co-host, and we analyze and discuss every detail about the images below, which reveal never released Characters, and unused designs from G.I.Joe in the “Joe vs. Cobra” to “Direct to Consumer” era.

You can listen via the embedded player below or on our Podcast Garden audio host’s page via the link in the menu above.

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(for our last interview with Sam Wells go HERE)

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on to the images, Credit to Sam Wells for the images, (please if you share credit it as Sam Wells via )We believe the designs were done by Draxhall Jump please correct us if we are wrong, and his previous domain appears to no longer be active or I would link to it.

To wet your appetite a bit.

pic10Then in order in which they were discussed:


I think it’s worth noting what we aren’t seeing, like V-Max or VVV mindbender, or many 2nd versions of characters.pic1The above is standard, but it gives us some idea of where the rest where set to follow if they were to come.  Note how they mixed in the wave 1.5 figures which were classic 0-ring repaints.

pic2You can just barely not the gray Sam Wells points out.  Side note, supposedly there was a new 0-ring update of that design  by Wet-suit that went unreleased (the one released was t-crotch)

pic3Note that Tunnel Rat has a goatee, “Cheif” Torpedo is listed here as “C.W.O. Torpedo” and C.L.A.W.S. Commander  is the only figure displayed with his helmet off and to the side.

pic4pic5Hacker was listed as “hard wire”  Cobra Coils has a different helmet, (the one that would come with burnout), Unreleased Recondo and Outback are present. Hollow Point is listed here, but was released looking very differently and only in the BTR line.

pic6Look at that unreleased Lowlight!  Zanya???  we had to wait years for her in an entirely different style of figure! Roadblock is a bit different, and there is no “switch” in what would be called “switch gears” later on.

pic7Lots of differences here! We never got most of these, and those we did were somewhat alerted, Bombshell was renamed Bombstrike and looked completely different, Colonel B.G. became VVV Hawk, and Major Bludd had some part differences in DTC. Only Mutt looks untouched.  IS Mobster Headman? New head on that CG? Zarana has orange hair! Does that settle that debate? Is this the Zarana i’ve heard rumors was seen on a private tour at Hasbro ?

pic8Who is Sand Mann?  How did son of Kwinn go from that to Ghostbear? Look at that shipwreck gear on Serpentor.  Was that an arctic Lifeline? What is up with that B.A.T. II ? and JINX! what a unique look.

pic9Who is that Green Ninja?

pic10Is that Airtight? Overkill II?

Let the rampant drooling and speculation begin. If you know something you would like to share, comment below of if you would like to for it to be read in a future episode, e-mail us @

you can also check out the G.I.Joe Discussion Facebook Group for more images like this from the classic series and more!

What do you think ?

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