SDCC 2016 IDW and Hasbro ‘THE REVOLUTION IS NOW’ Panel!


Were you wondering just how G.I.Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K. and more were going to be melded into one big combined Universe? Well today we have the first answers on this front to share with you courtesy of the IDW and Hasbro panel at SDCC. Newsarama has a posted a live blog of the panel and we have mirrored it below for you to check out just exactly what is happening with your favorite, ‘Real American Hero’s‘! Join in the Discussion after the JUMP!

Welcome to the IDW & HASBRO: THE REVOLUTION IS NOW panel live from SDCC 2016. This panel will cover IDW’s shared Hasbro universe, including M.A.S.K., Rom, G.I. Joe, and Micronauts.

Moderator and IDW former editor John Barber kicked off the panel by bringing creators Christos Gage, Mairghread Scott, Brandon Easton, Chris Ryall, John Barber, Aubrey Sitterson, David Hedgecock, and Michael Kelly to the dais.

Also joining the panel is Sarah Gaydos, who takes over editing IDW’s Hasbro line for Barber, has joined the panel.

Today’s panel focuses on Hasbro: Revolution, the crossover that brings all of IDW’s toy properties together, including Transformers, G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., Action Man, Rom, The Micronauts, and more.

Revolution centers around Ore 13, a mysterious substance seen in other IDW comic books.

Fico Ossio provides the incredibly detailed art for Revolution.

John Byrne will provide variant covers.

Chris Ryall and Christos Gage discussed Rom, with Ryall explaining how they planted the seeds for Revolution in the first issue of Rom, available this weekend at the IDW booth.

Ryall explained that they wanted a strong reason to bring the characters together into one universe.

Brandon Easton compared his M.A.S.K. reboot to the Fast & The Furious, saying he’s updated the idea for the 21st century.

The Micronauts: Revolution one-shot will bring the Micronauts out of the Microverse and connects them to other IDW characters.

Aubrey Sitterson says he re-read all of IDW’s G.I. Joe comic books to make sure it’s all incorporated into Revolution.

He clarified that the entirety of IDW’s G.I. Joe continuity will remain intact.

“Revolution will bring G.I. Joe into a bigger, wider, weirder world…For the first time they have to face these massive sci-fi threats.”

Old City Blues artist Giannis Milogiannis will provide art for G.I. Joe: Revolution.

Mairghread Scott discussed Transformers: Til All Are One, saying that the Transformers will primarily crossover with the Micronauts during Revolution.

Barber talked about Transformers: Revolution, saying the one-shot is his final issue of Transformers.

In it, the Transformers will come together to save the White House.

Barber also discussed Action Man: Revolution, which centers on a break-in at the G.I. Joe headquarters. It’ll tie into G.I. Joe and Transformers.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye: Revolution has been announced. It’s written by James Roberts and Nick Roche, with art from Alex Milne.


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