SENGOKU NIGHT BLOOD New Trailer and TV Schedule Hits!

The new anime series,’SENGOKU NIGHT BLOOD‘ based off on Otome smart phone game has a new promo trailer out today as well as the upcoming TV schedule for the show. Check out the clip and details below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP

Tokyo MX: every Tuesday during the 23:00 time slot beginning on October 03, 2017.
Sun TV: every Tuesday during the 24:00 time slot beginning on October 03, 2017.
TV Aichi: every Tuesday during the 26:35 time slot beginning on October 03, 2017.
BS11: every Tuesday during the 27:00 time slot beginning on October 03, 2017.

One day, the March was surrounded by the mysterious light suddenly released from the smartphone, was in a place I never saw when he realized it. The scenery spreading in front of her eyes is like a Japanese – There was a different world called “Shinken” where people who are not vampires or human wolves live.

In the past, “Shingin” was based on the protection of Princess Himeko with special blood, and each tribe lived peacefully. However, one day Sonoko Hinako disappears. Warriors who were called “Moon Families” who lost the protection of Princess Himeko began fighting for the unification of the world and the world had just entered the age of war. And, as if to respond to the confusion, the mysterious thing that attacks people “Squid (Yakuma)” also jumped in various places.

Warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi led the Toyotomi Army to welcome the consciousness he helped at the battlefield into his army and to know that there is the power to awaken the Moon and Family in her blood as a trigger. And each of the Oda, Uesugi, Takeda, Sanada and Date soldiers also learned the power of the blood of March, and started moving in anticipation of each speculation.

“A search for a daughter who came from a different world,” a white raccoon who carried a tea ceremony, Princess Hime who disappeared after leaving it to Imari. Increasing desperate … …. Warriors touch the power of March, what will they protect and who will they fight? Spinning a new story in a different world of war.


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