Serpentorslair 2016 Site Exclusive Figure ‘ORDER HERE’!



Serpentorslair is bringing you our 5th Site Exclusive Action Figure. This year we are offering our take on the G.I.Joe Alley Viper v2. Also, we are offering you a special treat, for an extra $10 you can get the Alley Viper painted in any Color Scheme you Choose.

The Base price per Alley Viper v2 is $25 plus $5 shipping and handling. This figure will only be available April 1st through April 30th. You must pay a minimum of $15 per figure you order by April 15th secure your purchase. Payment in full must be received by April 30th.

Figures will begin shipping June 1st, or sooner based on the amount of orders.

In order to place your order, please POST IN THIS THREAD and contact Ska_Lives via Private Message to send your payment.


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