Serpentorslair Friend Site formerly ‘Nerdversity’ is now ‘NERDRAHTIO’!


Our good friends over at Nerdversity have changed the name to NERDRAHTIO but are still the same awesome site we all have come to love. So head over and see what is new at NERDRAHTIO, I know i am planning to!

A Fresh Start, The site Formerly known as is changing.

5by5nFor my own sanity, and for a clear fresh start, I am rebranding this site as Nerdrahtio. Rahtio, being from the greek word ratio (rah-she-oh) for reason. The H added to help achieve correct pronunciation and for a unique flair.   This name change is a bit annoying, the previous .com still functions for now, and I’d like to ask everyone to  update your bookmarks and like the appropriate FB page.

Plenty more fun stuff to come later and I look forward to the future.

For the legal stuff:

Created and published in the United States. © 2014 nerdrahtio. All Rights Reserved. • The name “nerdrahtio” does not identify any known, living person.

The nerdrahtio™ name and the nerdrahtio™ Logo are not to be used without permission from their owner, Sam B. Sears.

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