Skinny’s ‘Experiences’ G.I.Joe Convention 2014!

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Serpentorslair Staffer Skinny has been so kind as to share his personal experiences both in word and photo form from his trip to Dallas Texas this past weekend for the 2014 G.I.Joe Convention. You can check out his thoughts and photos below, then make the JUMP to the forum and share your thoughts!

This years tours were quite enjoyable, only a couple people had difficulty with the segways. Joefans on segways, now there would be a sight to see.
Luckily Doc and Lifeline were nearby to treat the scrapes and bruises.I chose to do my own sightseeing on Wednesday and took a walk to the Spaghetti House for a late lunch and then it was off to Dealey Plaza to learn the “truth” about the assassination from the unofficial tour. Then it was time to get inside the Texas School Book Depository Building itself for a detailed 2 hour self guided tour. Photos and video are not allowed inside. I walked right by the sniper’s nest ( it is sealed off) and saw just how it looked that day. Then it was off to the Grassy Knoll for another point of view. You must see Dealey Plaza in person to understand just how things might have gone that day. Being inside that square, and seeing things form the sixth floor gives you a much better feel of the space and proximity than anything you see in pictures or on TV.
The club tour packages I went on were the George Bush Presidential Museum and The Perot Science museum.
Lunch was on your own and our part of the tour group went to Dick’s Last Resort.
This was a loud noisy sports bar and the servers don’t hold back the local…charm.
The film at the Perot Museum was a 3D documentary narrated by Judi Dench about…bugs. I must have been worn out because sadly I slept through most of it.
I would say the club did a very good job in picking the tour destinations.


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