Skull Wars is a Kickstarter campaign that’s offering fifteen skulls inspired by the characters and creatures of Star Wars. If your sense of humor skews to the ‘Dark Side,’ these skulls were designed with you in mind.
Curious? You can see a cacophony of cranial concept art for “Green Master,” “Space Yeti,” “Accident Prone?,” “Monkey-Lizard” and all the rest in the Skull Wars Kickstarter here: To date, backers have pledged 41% of the $20,000 goal with 8 days to go.

If successful, toy industry vet and co-founder of 3DKToys, Quincy Robinson, will digitally sculpt each of the fifteen models and prepare them for manufacture in nylon. The skulls will be about 2″ inches at their widest dimension and will feature detailed moving jaws and parts.

Robinson has a wall of collectables in his home-office representing a lifetime of toy collecting. “I like the idea of having these on my shelves because to me they’re funny. I like the idea of having something unpredictable and a little dark,” he said. “When collecting, I’ve always found that you can get the space version of this guy, the aquatic version of that guy, and then soon after, maybe the ninja version. Why not the ‘dead version’?” he laughed.

Natalie Mathis, 3DKitbash’s co-founder said, “We can tell the level of Star Wars knowledge someone has when we say the names of each skull. Everyone gets ‘Green Master,’ but then we get into the ‘?’ after ‘Accident Prone?” That’s not a type-o. It is a good indicator of your level of geek-dom, though,” she laughed. “If you don’t get it, ask some Star Wars fans. Come over to our dark side!” she said.

“They say ‘do what you love,’ and we love making skulls and watching Star Wars,” said Robinson. “So here we are: Bring the ‘Dead-side’ of Star Wars to life in a collection that aims to delight!”


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