Some Great New Ninja Turtles Images from SDCC!


If you enjoy collecting the Ninja Turtles Classics figures from Playmates, you will be really stoked at the images of upcoming figures that were shared at SDCC by Playmates. Check out images of such fan favorites as Rocksteady and Beebop below and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

(Source: tni)

Playmates has provided us with hi-res images for some of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles products they announced yesterday during their panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

Shown are the following:

– 6″ Classics Wave 4 Shredder and Krang with Body Suit figures.

– Nickelodeon TMNT Animated Series Basic Figure Serpent Karai with Karai and Serpent heads

– Nickelodeon TMNT Animated Series Basic Rocksteady & Bebop figures. These will first be released at Wal-Mart stores and then later through other outlets.

– Finally shown is a rough sculpt for Ice Cream Kitty which they might do if there is enough demand for it. Would you like to see a Ice Cream Kitty figure?

Check back to TNI later today as we will be exclusively revealing a few more Nickelodeon TMNT based toys from Playmates after the TMNT animated series panel that will take place here at SDCC.

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